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An owner may ask:

"Why can't I sell it myself?" There are several reasons why most owners choose not to:
An owner representing himself cannot maintain anonymity and the lost confidentiality could seriously hurt the business.
An owner may not be knowledgeable in current areas of law, accounting, taxes, and marketing of businesses.
An owner typically does not have the ability or time to contact, screen and qualify a large group of prospects to find a qualified buyer who is serious and will offer a fair price. An owner's talents are much more effectively utilized in running the business than in trying to sell the company. An owner generally would not have the experience, knowledge, and negotiating skills needed to sell his company efficiently and for the best price, particularly in a highly emotional negotiation such as the sale of a business where the buyer's objectives are totally opposite of the owner's.

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- When is the best time to sell?



Usually the best time to obtain the highest price occurs when sales and earnings are good and trending upward. A solid earnings trend will enable a buyer to pay a higher price and still meet his return of investment criteria. A history of good performance also gives the buyer confidence in projected future earnings.

However; market conditions for business sales also signicantly affect the salability of a business. Today's market is the best we have seen in the last five years due to a large number of serious buyers looking in Houston due to its top economic status in the country; readily available bank financing for business acquisitions; and the historically low capital gains tax rate we currently enjoy, which nets the owner more cash at closing.



For most companies, there are several categories of prospective buyers. The most obvious are other companies in the same business for whom the acquisition would be a logical expansion with potential economies of scale. Consideration should also be given to suppliers and customers of the business.

However, based on our experience in selling hundreds of businesses, approximately 80% of the prospective buyers are individuals who want to control their own future. Many of them will be moving into the area from other states and countries.

FLABB is in continuous contact with all categories of buyers. We utilize effective search procedures to find and screen those who are best qualified to buy.



FLA Business Brokers can help by using their experience and know-how gained from several thousand business sales. We guide the client through all of the complex steps required to sell a business. The first step will be our review of the company's history and the client's objectives to make sure that a sale is the best course of action. This review includes an opinion of a range of selling prices of the business in today's market.

If the client decides to proceed with the sale of the business, FLA Business Brokers then prepares custom-tailored presentation documents, develops buyer prospect lists from its contact files and other resources, makes the proper approaches, screens the buyer prospects, and introduces only serious, qualified buyers to the client.

FLA Business Brokers will handle the entire transaction from the initial introduction of the buyer through closing, including coordination with attorneys, accountants, landlords, leasing and utility companies, and title companies.


FLA Business Brokers has a trained professional staff knowledgeable and skilled in business transfers and they can make the sale of the business a reasonably pleasant experience.


Why should we hire FLA Business Brokers to sell my business?

MARKETING AND ADVERTISING - FLABB will design a marketing plan specifically targeted to the types of buyer that would be interested in the business is a key factor. Business brokers use data bases of buyer prospects professional associations, and investment groups. Target marketing through trade publications, direct mail, and Internet sites specifically for business transactions may be used to reach buyers. Advertising in newspapers both local and national are typically used.

QUALIFYING BUYERS - FLABB will focus on those prospects who are financially qualified and who are genuinely interested in the type of business.

PRESENTING THE BUSINESS - Our professional business brokers are experienced in handling negotiations. We also offers the seller convenience of continuing to manage the business while the selling process is underway.

MAINTAINING PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY - Business owners are extremely concerned about confidentiality. A professional broker is skilled at protecting the confidentiality from the employees, suppliers, creditors, and customers of the business.

NEGOTIATING THE BUSINESS SALE TRANSACTION - We will be a vital advisor during the sale transaction. Knowledgeable about negotiating price, terms, and other key aspects of the sale, the broker will guide the seller each step of the way. Proper deal structure will greatly effect the net amount that the seller will end up keeping after selling the business.


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